Private Hire Taxi Insurance

Working as a Private Hire Taxi Driver is no easy ride. If you want to earn a living, the hours are long and you need to keep your overheads and any down time to a minimum.

You make sure you have a vehicle that has the right spec, with low running costs and good reliability – and that’s exactly what you should look for from your insurance as well. After all, you can’t operate without it, so better make sure it’s the right spec, reliable, and costs as little as possible for the best performance.

That’s where the Jenkinson Team comes in. We know exactly how to get you the right insurance at the right price, ensuring you can reliably stay on the road, earning a living.

We can cover you against legal expenses following an accident, help recover any uninsured losses you might suffer, and we’re always here to guide you through any claims you might need to make, utilising a number of specialist accident management providers.


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